Invitations to Thanks Giving

All good things can be traced back to Christ.  The ultimate source of everything for which we should give thanks is God’s grace rooted in Christ.  Undeserved gifts from God.

But just how much grace is yours?  Well, if you are a child of God, the dimensions of God’s grace lavished on you is staggering!  Ephesians 2:7 indicates one of heaven’s never-ending activities will be to examine the incomparable riches of God’s grace that Christ purchased for you!  While this insight should open the door to countless newly discovered blessings and a myriad of invitations to thank God, we can unpack God’s grace even further when we consider it’s chronological dimensions.

God’s grace poured out on you has PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE expressions to it!  Isaiah 53 touches on elements of God’s PAST grace given to you thousands of years ago!  2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Philippians 4:13 and 1 Peter 5:7 touch on a few aspects of God’s PRESENT grace that is available to you today!  Finally, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and Revelation 21-22 hint at the incredible FUTURE grace that awaits Christ-followers!

Our lives have been, are, and will be soaked with God’s incomparable grace!  I’m hoping we all have a “Thank you Jesus” Thanksgiving this year!

The Voices of Democracy

Now that Election Day is behind us, Americans have spoken.  But what have they said?  Based on the percentage of those who didn’t vote, many Americans said they didn’t have anything to say, or maybe they communicated that they didn’t care.

Some might not have said anything because they made the common mistake of thinking their vote wouldn’t make a difference.  They overlooked the clear lessons of history that demonstrate elections were often decided by very narrow margins, on many occasions.  They needed to take to heart that their vote will make a difference!

While we aren’t sure what may have kept people from voting, at least we have an objective record of what the voters did say.  Now it’s up to the pundits to interpret the implications of America’s votes.  Is America satisfied with status quo, or do they want change?  If they want change, will their elected officials will able to bring it about?  Finally, if they bring about change, will it be in the appropriate direction?

Most Americans give lip service that democracy is the greatest form of government in the world.  Accordingly, we do everything within our power to bring democracy’s benefits to countries who have been ruled harshly by some other form of government.  While these efforts are well-intentioned, they often overlook the reality that a democracy is only effective when the citizens of that country are sufficiently committed to secure and maintain a society of order and fairness.

Many are seeing that some countries are filled with people who have little awareness of, and little commitment to what it takes for a democracy to work effectively in their context.  Sadly, I wonder if America may soon become one of those countries!  Even many Americans foolishly assume that we are entitled to receive the benefits of a democracy yet have no responsibilities for it.  Some have reversed JFK’s timeless observation on what makes a democracy effective.  They would encourage: “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.”

Our national anthem says we are, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”  Some have pointed out that we are “the land of the free because of the brave.”  And while “the brave” generally refers to the men and women who make up our military forces, I wonder if any democracy can endure without a significant percentage of “brave” citizens.  Are you brave enough to speak out against evil, even fight against evil, for the sake of freedom?

It has been pointed out that, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  No wonder Katherine Bates noted that America is beautiful “for heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life.  America!  America! May God thy gold refine, till all success be nobleness, and every gain divine.”

The Phenomenal Potential of Planting

oak-acorns oaktreeslookingupNot long ago I was cleaning our pickup truck when I found an acorn in the otherwise empty bed.  Since I couldn’t remember parking under any trees, I wondered how it got there.  I started to throw it out, but for some reason dropped it in my pocket instead.

As I emptied my pockets at the end of the day, out came my lowly acorn; and the reason I couldn’t throw it away.  What at first seemed small and insignificant, actually has great potential!  Given enough time and reasonable conditions, that tiny acorn could produce a vast forest of majestic oak trees!  And since there are lots of beautiful oak trees around here, we intend to plant this one where there aren’t many.  We will carry it 1,500 miles west to the often tree-less soil where I grew up.

I’m convinced God put that acorn in my truck for a reason.  In fact I even carry it in my pocket from time to time as a reminder.  That acorn has become symbolic of the life-changing Gospel seed we carry.  While Jesus may have become ordinary to us, His seed can still produce extraordinary results when planted in reasonable conditions!

Knowing this to be true, we intend to carry the Gospel to Colorado to plant a vibrant, new church where there are remarkably few.  In contrast to its scenic vistas, Colorado’s spiritual landscape is largely barren.  We have found many people there who are thirsty for hope, purpose, and peace.  Sadly, the spiritual oasis they see in the distance often ends up being a mirage.  But with God’s help, and with your partnership, we intend to change that!

There are some important ways that you can partner with us in beautifying the spiritual landscape of Colorado.  First, we need people who will pray for us.  Church planting is a supernatural task that requires supernatural enablement.   Second, we need people who will invest financial support in our ministry.  Since time is short, we want to be able to focus our time and energy on reaching the unreached multitudes.  Lastly, we need people who will go with us to Colorado to help us make disciples of Jesus who will eventually become our new church!

If you would like to know more about what we are doing, and how you can be involved with us, we encourage you to visit our website: or if you prefer, give us a call.  We pray God will lead you to partner with us in planting a new, vibrant church in Northeastern Colorado!

A Chinese proverb has wisely noted, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.  The next best time is now.”  So, whether planting a tree or a church, now is the time to plant!  And just like one tree can produce a phenomenal forest, with a touch from God just one church can produce a landscape that is blooming with verdant, new churches!

What Can We Know?

Hope series cover

One hundred and seventy years ago today marks the day that came to be known to many as “The Great Disappointment.”

William Miller was a well-known Baptist preacher and student of Bible prophecy.  After years of research, he concluded that Christ would return sometime between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844.  When that time period passed, further study convinced him and another preacher that the wrong Jewish calendar had been used and a new date was proposed, October 22, 1844.

The support for this prediction was compelling enough that up to 100,000 followers gathered in groups to await Christ’s return on that day.  When midnight passed without Christ’s return, most of the followers gave up their hopes and left; some even gave up their faith.

Fast forward one hundred and forty years or so.   Edgar C. Whisenant, a former NASA engineer and student of Bible prophecy predicted that the Rapture would occur sometime between September 11 and September 13, 1988.  His books, “88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988” and “On Borrowed Time” were very popular and hundreds of thousands of them were published and distributed.

Whisenant was so convinced of his research that he was quoted as saying, “Only if the Bible is in error am I wrong…” and “If… I could gamble with my life, I would stake my life on [my predictions].”

Since many of my Christian friends were convinced of his compelling arguments and conclusion, I too read “88 Reasons.”  While his research was flawed,  at least many complacent Christians began to witness and give as never before!

When his prediction failed to come to pass, Whisenant wrote more books with revised predictions for the Rapture specifying dates in 1989, 1993, 1994, and even as late as 1997.  Not surprisingly, his subsequent books received little attention.

Sadly, predictions like these are common.  It’s been well documented that those who will not learn from history will be condemned to repeat it.  Additionally, many well meaning Bible students over the years have made the error of focusing on certain scripture passages while ignoring or minimizing “the whole counsel of God.”

For instance, Jesus himself made it crystal clear in Matthew 24:36, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but My Father only.”  Nevertheless, in verses 32-35 Jesus also warns that we can know “the season” of His return!  Therefore, His subsequent warning to “keep watch” for His return are especially relevant in light of the many Bible prophecies that continue to be fulfilled!

While the sincere predictions of Bible students like Miller and Whisenant never materialized, we would be remiss to miss another clear warning in Matthew 24:44, “Therefore, you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

What we can know for sure boils down to this; each passing day brings us one day closer to Christ’s return.  Be ready!

Cheer Up!



The day started out like every other day he could remember.  As soon as he felt the warm rays of the sun strike his face, he pulled himself up from his makeshift bed on the side of the road.  Thankfully, it hadn’t rained during the night and the temperatures were still manageable this time of the year.  Of course, this good fortune would change all too soon.

He shook the dust off his motley robe, took his cup and placed his last two coins in it.  “Alms for the poor?” he constantly pleaded, as he rattled the coins in his cup.

Thankfully, an occasional passerby would reward his begging with another small coin.  Maybe he would have enough by day’s end to buy some stale bread to temporarily appease the constant gnawing in his stomach.

He couldn’t help that he was poor, as no one would hire him to work.  After all, what kind of work could a blind man do?  It appeared painfully obvious to him and everyone else that his life’s work would amount to nothing but begging.

While hope was normally a thought that rarely crossed his mind, he had recently heard some amazing stories of sick people being healed, cripples walking, deaf hearing, and yes, even blind people seeing!  Not surprisingly, hope was not only crossing his mind these days, hope was blazing a major pathway through it!  Could this be the day he received infinitely more than a few coins; his sight, his life?

His dreams were interrupted when he heard a large crowd coming his way.  His curiosity piqued, he stopped begging for alms, and started begging for information.  Thankfully, a passerby had  mercy on him and responded, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.”  Could it be true that Hope was within reach?  But how could he speak to Him since He was surrounded by such a large crowd?

He had no recourse but to shout above the noise of the crowd, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  Unfortunately, some within the crowd heard him and rebuked him for his outburst and demanded he be quiet.  But they didn’t understand that this, no He, was his only hope for sight; for life!  So he shouted even louder, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Hope heard and Hope stopped!  Those who had just chided him for his annoying shouts, now encouraged him, “Cheer up!  He’s calling you!”  Bartimaeus threw off his cloak, jumped to his feet and felt his way to Hope.

He sensed His presence even before he heard His question, “What do you want me to do for you?”  They were unfamiliar words to him, yet more exhilarating than anyone could possibly imagine!  Trembling, knowing the audacity it took for a beggar to ask such a thing of a King, the words spilled out anyway, “I want to see.”

“Go,” He simply said, “your faith has healed you.”  Immediately, he saw Hope, and his life reborn!

Eyes That See



What do you see when you look at someone?  I was told recently that one of the first things that people notice about you is your shoes.  Maybe, but I would think it might depend on what is important to you.

Of course, a shoe salesperson would probably notice our shoes.  But, a hair stylist would likely notice our hair.  An athlete would notice our muscles.  An optometrist would notice our glasses or contacts.  A clothing salesperson would notice our clothes.  A dental hygienist would notice our teeth.  A car dealer would notice our car.  A Realtor would notice our house.  You get the idea!

But there is more to what we see.  Men would notice particular characteristics about men, and different attributes about ladies.  Conversely, ladies would notice certain characteristics about ladies, and different qualities about men.  Our age could very likely cause us to notice unique characteristics in the people we see.  But is there still more?

I remember getting on an elevator at the hospital one day with a family member of someone having surgery.  After we exited, the family member told me that she was fascinated about how I stood in an elevator full of people.  Why?  Because she was in the elevator business!

In case you are wondering if I was standing on my head, I wasn’t.  But, I was standing facing the people in the elevator rather than facing the door!  I’m pretty sure I don’t normally do that, and that I had no particular reason to stand facing the people that day, it just turned out that way and I didn’t give it a thought.

This family member went on to say that I had validated the research of people in the elevator business.  They had found that only people from a handful of careers (preachers was one of them) would be comfortable facing people in the close confines of an elevator!  Accordingly, the inside of elevator doors should look as good as possible!

But we may be seeing just the tip of the iceberg of what and how we see!  Do you have eyes that see what Jesus saw?  Did Jesus notice what kind of sandals people wore?  Or, how they styled their hair?  Or, what kind of clothes they had on?  Or, how nice their teeth were?  Or, what breed of donkey they were riding?

I’ve noticed Jesus saw at least a couple of things that I often miss.  Jesus had eyes that saw when people were harassed and helpless (Matthew 9:36).  Wow, what does that look like?  Would I even notice that if I was looking for it?

Jesus also had eyes to see faith (Mark 2:5).  We often think faith is an internal, invisible quality.  Yet when we read about the people in the “faith chapter” of the Bible, Hebrews 11, we see that their faith obeyed, offered, pleased, sacrificed, built, left, blessed, spoke, worked and so much more!  Their actions made their faith visible.  Do you see what Jesus sees?

Afraid, But Not Enough

A few years ago we built an enclosed storage area near our house.  Not long afterward I was moving things around looking for something when this unpleasant thought crossed my mind: “Snakes would probably like to nest in this space!”  While I had never seen a snake, or any evidence of one in this area, just the possibility of it would quicken my heart rate, and my rummaging speed, every time I opened the door!blackratsnake040924-1479gate10z

It wasn’t too long before I decided I should do something to minimize the potential of encountering a slithering reptile in my storage area!  So after doing some research on the various methods and products available for repelling these repulsive creatures, I purchased a granular snake repellent at a local hardware store.

Now all I had to do was to spread the repellent around the walls of the storage space.  It was guaranteed that snakes would not cross it.  I immediately thought of two concerns: First, I would have to move all the items in storage away from the walls so that I could pour out the repellent as directed.  But what if I already had snakes hiding in the stuff I would be moving?  I wasn’t too excited about the idea of moving things around and raising the ire of any snakes that may have already made my storage area their home!

Secondly, what if I had snakes living in the center of the storage area?  I might not disturb them while moving the stuff around the perimeter, but what if the repellent ended up keeping them from escaping my building?  Worse, what if the repellent infuriated them to the point that my hypothetical snakes became more aggressive than normal?

A few days ago I noticed my snake repellent container sitting in a corner of my storage area.  I had never opened it!  I had feared snakes enough to buy the repellent, and to store it in my storage area, but I didn’t fear the slithering reptiles enough to use the repellent as directed!  Bottom line: Unless snakes can read what it says on the container, I might as well set out a liter of Dr. Pepper!

Before you take me to task on my vacillation, let me suggest this is a fairly common trait among us humans!  If not so much in buying snake repellents, I see it often in “buying fire insurance.”  It’s a term some folks use to describe doing religious practices intended to appease God and avoid hell.  Token activities like merely going to church, coming down to the altar, repeating a rote prayer, or even being baptized will not “buy” anyone anything!

If we really want to repel snakes, we are going to have to go all-in and follow the directions wholeheartedly having faith it will work!  Accordingly, if we want to appease God and avoid hell, we are going to have to go all-in and follow Jesus wholeheartedly having faith He will work!


Where Are You Going?

flight planning on chart           You will never get lost if you always know where you are and where you are going!  I used that statement often when I taught flying.  After all, present position is a simple extension of where one has been in the past, combined with the direction and speed one has traveled since the last known position.

For instance, pilots always know the airport they are departing from.  And as long as they kept track of their time in flight and the direction and speed they were heading, then they would always know their approximate position, even if they couldn’t always pinpoint it on a map.

Then each time they could positively identify their present position on the map, the navigating process would start all over again.  They were always a given number of minutes away from their last known position, and they had been flying a given direction and speed.  So even when they were in between positive identifications of their location on a map, they still had an approximate idea of where they were, and where they were going.

Unfortunately my students didn’t always know how the winds aloft would affect their direction and speed, and because they often wandered from their desired heading, they would get off course.  But once they determined how much they were off course, I would teach them how to make course corrections to get them back on course to ensure they would reach their ultimate destination; before running out of fuel.  Obviously, everything they were doing before the flight and during the flight, should be a means to getting them safely to their destination airport!

Have you ever been lost?  Do you know where you came from?  Do you know where you are?  Do you know where you are going?  Can you get where you want to go on the direction you are presently traveling?  If you want to go to the Atlantic Ocean, you must proceed on an easterly course.  If you are heading on a westerly course, you will never make it!

Some people tell me they want to go to heaven, yet they want to get there maintaining a  misguided course.  Sadly, if their present course is not heading in heaven’s direction, they will never make it!  They must make a course correction before they run out of fuel, or miss heaven forever.  Since heaven is God’s home, He alone has the prerogative to advise us on the required course to get there.

The only course that will take you to heaven is to aim for Jesus Christ!  He said that He was the only way to the Father, and the only way to the Father’s eternal home in heaven.  Reaching heaven will only be by God’s grace, through your faith in God’s Son alone.  Are you heading the wrong direction, or just off course?  Since your fuel is limited, get on course today by turning from anyone or anything, to Jesus alone!



A Tale of Two Students

c172 takeoff window

I was a young flight instructor and Vic was a retired engineer.  Not surprisingly, he was far more intelligent than my average student and a joy to work with.  He breezed through the ground school instruction.  And, he picked up the basic flight skills quickly enough.

As the time for his first solo flight approached, I began to throw a few problematic scenarios into his lessons to ensure that in the unlikely event of an unexpected crisis, he would be able to handle it safely.  While his knowledge of what to do in an emergency improved, his flying skills began to deteriorate.  In the interest of preparing him for the unlikely, he began struggling with the routine.  I finally came to the conclusion that his learning curve would never start climbing again until he proved to himself he could fly solo, safely.

We scheduled an instructional flight that was intended to finish with his first three solo takeoffs and landings while I watched from the side of the runway.  While he was not outstanding on that particular day, his skills were satisfactory.  I prepared to exit the airplane so he could complete his first solo flight.  He begged me not to get out until we had practiced some more!  However, my assurances that he was ready to solo finally prevailed.

I gave him my standard pep talk, “Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and you will be fine.”  He gave me a look bordering on panic as I opened my door and climbed out, but I smiled back and waved him off.

A pilot’s first solo flight is a big deal, for both the student and the instructor!  Thankfully I had soloed a number of students already (and everyone had survived) and I was (fairly) confident that Vic would rise to the occasion and earn his student pilot’s license with relative ease.

Everything looked normal for the first part of his first solo takeoff roll.  But without warning he swerved to the left and almost hit a runway light before correcting his mistake and becoming airborne!  He had never done anything like that before and I couldn’t imagine what had caused it!  Vic didn’t like surprises and neither did I, especially when I was on the ground and he was alone in the airplane for the very first time!

I watched him fly around the landing pattern, willing him to calm down, and praying for a miracle!  God answered my (our?) prayers as his landing was rough, but safe.  Obviously shaken, he chose not to do two more solo takeoffs and landings, as per a normal first solo flight.  What had happened?  He forgot to close his window before takeoff, so he closed it during his takeoff roll!

To my knowledge Vic never flew again; and I never soloed a student pilot again, until I saw how he responded when I popped his window open during a takeoff roll!