The Phenomenal Potential of Planting

oak-acorns oaktreeslookingupNot long ago I was cleaning our pickup truck when I found an acorn in the otherwise empty bed.  Since I couldn’t remember parking under any trees, I wondered how it got there.  I started to throw it out, but for some reason dropped it in my pocket instead.

As I emptied my pockets at the end of the day, out came my lowly acorn; and the reason I couldn’t throw it away.  What at first seemed small and insignificant, actually has great potential!  Given enough time and reasonable conditions, that tiny acorn could produce a vast forest of majestic oak trees!  And since there are lots of beautiful oak trees around here, we intend to plant this one where there aren’t many.  We will carry it 1,500 miles west to the often tree-less soil where I grew up.

I’m convinced God put that acorn in my truck for a reason.  In fact I even carry it in my pocket from time to time as a reminder.  That acorn has become symbolic of the life-changing Gospel seed we carry.  While Jesus may have become ordinary to us, His seed can still produce extraordinary results when planted in reasonable conditions!

Knowing this to be true, we intend to carry the Gospel to Colorado to plant a vibrant, new church where there are remarkably few.  In contrast to its scenic vistas, Colorado’s spiritual landscape is largely barren.  We have found many people there who are thirsty for hope, purpose, and peace.  Sadly, the spiritual oasis they see in the distance often ends up being a mirage.  But with God’s help, and with your partnership, we intend to change that!

There are some important ways that you can partner with us in beautifying the spiritual landscape of Colorado.  First, we need people who will pray for us.  Church planting is a supernatural task that requires supernatural enablement.   Second, we need people who will invest financial support in our ministry.  Since time is short, we want to be able to focus our time and energy on reaching the unreached multitudes.  Lastly, we need people who will go with us to Colorado to help us make disciples of Jesus who will eventually become our new church!

If you would like to know more about what we are doing, and how you can be involved with us, we encourage you to visit our website: or if you prefer, give us a call.  We pray God will lead you to partner with us in planting a new, vibrant church in Northeastern Colorado!

A Chinese proverb has wisely noted, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.  The next best time is now.”  So, whether planting a tree or a church, now is the time to plant!  And just like one tree can produce a phenomenal forest, with a touch from God just one church can produce a landscape that is blooming with verdant, new churches!

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